About me

About me

Annet het gezicht achter Actuallyannet

Annet – the face of Actually Annet

I am Annet (1970), married and in addition to partner also mother of 3 sons; Mike (1996), Roy (1999) and Nick (2003). I welcome you to my website. A website that reflects how I am: creative, versatile, widely interested and a spider in the web. I contribute to a better world by sharing my blogs. Blogs about my daily life. In addition, I also like to share my creative and intellectual creations with you. Here too I am versatile: crocheting, handwriting and making poems.

By sharing my thoughts, my daily worries, showing and offering my creations and discoveries, I want to contribute to a better world!

Actually Annet

Why actually? I actually like the word sound, but it also reflects what I am currently busy with. In English it means actually or factually. You can also see me as the female MacGyver. MacGyver was always ready to help people and fought injustice and sometimes evil. He used everyday things to make devices for (self) defense. He was averse to weapons. I also use small, simple things to make the world more beautiful.


With my blogs and creations I focus on women. Which woman doesn’t like shopping now. Now I do. You will be able to read about it in many blogs. I also like goal-oriented challenges. Then one and one is soon two and so I started on a random Boxing Day with a 300-day clothing shop stop Challenge. This challenge helped me to become more focused on what I buy in clothing. I no longer spend hours hanging around the rack with dresses with a floral print. This saves time.

In addition to shopping, I also love to crochet and I design my own crochet patterns that you can use. Since I also like to write and blog, I show everything about my creations and explain how they came about. Often with nice background stories and anecdotes. Soon you can not only see them but the patterns are online. You can then buy them through my shop. I share my creative crochet experiences here: crochet

Drawing letters or hand lettering. I love it and I do it a lot. I have become so familiar with this technique of letter drawing that you can safely call me a specialist. Hand lettering is actually a modern form of calligraphy. Where you need a special pen for calligraphy, you can literally do anything with anything. I would like to help you give the color and shape that your text deserves. My hand letter creations are under this tab: hand lettering

Finally, I also write poems on various topics. From the death of a loved one, to the mess you find after a teenage party … I give words to it. My poems are here: poems


Oh yes, I also love dots and balls. You see them regularly in my creations and they also fit nicely with my last name: van Ballegooijen.

Keep an eye on my website for the latest patterns, blogs and useful life hacks. Or sign up for my newsletter. Then you miss nothing, I want to continue to inspire you. Will you let me know how it works for you?


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